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  1. D_Willis

    I found they

    Ey! hi, i found my friends thank to the help that you give me. If any have videos or photos about they can pass me? thanks http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/st...&pid=514853 http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/st...&pid=514852 http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/st...&pid=499723 Ah! other thing, the heights are not correct, yancarlo is bigger than the other two but he have 5'10'' in website. :blink:
  2. Ok, thanks man, however if you read any about them tell me plis!!!!
  3. D_Willis

    Can u help me?

    Hi, i'm writing from spain, and i have three friends in twins minor's league. They're Yancarlo Franco 2B - 1988, Xavier Gonzalez 2B- 1987 and Lesther A. Galvan 3B - 1990. Can u tell me where i can found what they're doing? I was searching on minnesota twins web pages and only i found statistics of Yancarlo in dominican summer league 06, but anyone tell me he was call up to AA team. If you have any information of a any of them i will guess u. Scuse my english. And i think if marlins go to .500 wins is a fantastic season and the next year can be a great year. GO MARLINS!
  4. Ok, thanks man. Here are a lot of site where you can donwload soccer matches because are the favourite sport in spain. Why anyone upload baseball matches for the internet? For example in youtube.com aren't baseball videos
  5. Can anyone tell me a software programme which i would download the 1997 and 2003 world series? I live in Spain and i don't know what programme you use in USA for download music, movies.... For example here a lot of people use Emule.
  6. Somebody knows in what equipment is playing Maels Rodriguez? Cuban pitcher that I rumor myself that it could sign by the Marlins :mischief2
  7. Scuse me :confused y didn't see the statics of Choi :whistle
  8. Hi, you remember me? I'm a cuban fan that lived in Spain. Hee Seop Choi is as good as to inhale to rookie of the year? I have never seen pitch to AJ Burnett, but I have read it is very good. What has of true in this? Think that there is team like arriving again in World Series?
  9. In Spain I only can see ESPN sunday and wednesday night game
  10. I know is very difficult for all people read my replys but is more difficult for me understand the forum :confused I only like Marlins win Word Series
  11. Scuse my english :unsure :
  12. I'm come back and Marlins come to win. You can see now, today at 7.05 Don't worry Phillies was lost too. We've the Wild Card. A question: Any people know when play ant Marlins match on ESPN Sunday Nigth or ESPN Wednesday Night? Thanksssss
  13. Somebody come to the chat some times?
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