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  1. Yes I def. got robbed by the concession stands lol, 15 bucks for a burger the size of a mcdonalds burger and a drink that was flat lol. Still had a blast tho even after the loss, also got a ball from Justin Ruggiano in the 8th during my first game. Going back tonight!
  2. In for the week from South Carolina! Will be at tonights, tomo, and Fridays game! So excited and have a few questions.. 1. Best place to park? Im 20, poor, and not trying to get robbed so where is the best place for me to park? 2. Best spot to get autographs and pictures after the game? I see a lot of people on twitter getting pictures with the players when they walk out...where would this be? 3. When do the gates open and Marlins start taking BP? 4. Anything else you can reccomend/suggest would be much appreciated! Thanks and Go Marlins!
  3. Lol Im never one to give up so early in a game, but watching that right there tells me not to get my hopes up tonight
  4. Yeah Anibal is not looking very good so far....need to come back and show some kind of fire here
  5. Hasnt started a batter with a strike yet, be patient!
  6. Hudson has been horrible lately tho, hopefully we jump on him
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