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  1. I hope MC wears I fastball right in the middle of the back Saturday. It on the other Marlins can only blame themselves another blown save
  2. Yimi needs to be the closer bass needs to go. This is sickening...
  3. I happily paid $197 for this Saturday at the park before the game started.
  4. Jazz definitely is the fan favorite when he comes up to bat the fans get loud on the bases he has elite speed can he sustain all year. I know visiting the park Friday and Saturday was a dream of mine I must say the people of Miami and surrounding areas are lucky to be able to watch this team in person.
  5. The main thing is make sure he is 100% ready. Him arriving late do to visa issues along with other issues definitely slowed his spring training. It’s a long season and Donnie is playing it smart which I don’t blame him. When Sixto is ready it’s going to be fireworks.
  6. Starlink Park... maybe Elon wants to throw some money around for advertising.
  7. Trying to make up for lost time lol
  8. Do I get more bonus points Jazz just retweeted my message
  9. Guess I’m just trying to make up for lost time of not posting.
  10. @CyggyMarlin is this a big enough pun to make the HOF? Lmao
  11. I’ve been around and I’ve post 82 times granted that’s not a good percentage. So I figured me flying down to Miami would get me points with you guys. There has been times I wanted to post, but than I see no warning points so I said I’ll just stay quiet. But like I said being from Upstate NY and listening to Mets fans just run their moths year after year I told my friends to put up or shut up so $100 bet plus loser has to wear a jersey of the team with the best record. But I’ll be in sec 22 on Friday and 138 on Saturday I wanted different perspective of seats.
  12. Oh you won’t scare me off I live in NY the land of assholes but I’m liking all the input lol
  13. How does that happen? Because the ballpark app is the only way to get them I thought
  14. Lol why you say that. Since I just purchased them yesterday and downloaded them on the ballpark app
  15. Thank you for the info I just can’t wait to be a the ballpark and watch this team
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