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  1. Larson is a 3rd baseman though Brush up on the game pleassssssse! He can play 2B also, he is that versatile. Seesh, some people! :banghead p.s. Remember me Ramp?!? :hat
  2. MM is back, tell a friend. MMs back, MMs back, MMs back. LOOK OUT!
  3. Wow we hired the manager of the year from 1899! Only 104 years removed from that award!
  4. Tim Kurkjian ripped the fish today saying that our managment had unrealistic expectations before the season started in stating that we could/should win 90 games. He said we are a young team who has no offense or power overall, and zero power from the left side of the plate. He also said that Torberg was fired because we had a young pitching staff that was too young to lead us to anything great and because he would not fire Arnsberg. So he basically was also in trouble when two pitchers went down, one of whom was covering an injury for a while. Kurkjian also said that we are searching for a permanent manager and that no manager can make this team win.
  5. when you say a year behind do you mean that he did bad so his eta was set back a year or that he is just younger or drafter later? drafted later and he is in AA ball, Adrian is in AAA ball Stokes was not drafted later. Adrian and he were produced from the same draft, Adrian being our #1 that year and Stokes being our #2. Stokes, however, held out during a contract dispute and did not attend rookie ball that year and the Marlins, when they finally signed him, decided to wait a year and send him to the next years rookie ball instead of just skipping it and putting him in single A. Then he experieneced injuries such as his back problem which limited him that year so it essentially set him back another year and that is why he is not in AAA with Adrian right now.
  6. Simply put...no! Your positives spins are quite frankly, well, garbage. A realisitic spin is our team depended on our big three in pitching, a new improved bullpen and better hitting with RISP. AJ Burnett, the biggest of the big 3 is done for a year, maybe two. Our bullpen, with the exception of Armando Almanza and Braden Looper, has been absolutely AWFUL. Spooney, after his fast start, has a nice big 6 ERA. Great! And last but not least, our RISP has not improved to the point where it needs to be. Yes it is early, but our best hitter has been Alex Gonzalez who will likely come back to earth and by the time other get on track, if they ever do, we will be too far out to make our move. The ship is sinking fast, oh how fast the ship is sinking!
  7. Ramp's prediction: 9-2 Marlins Have you predicted a loss for the Marlins yet all year?
  8. Almanza's ERA is down to a sparkling 6.75, keep up the good work AA.
  9. Hey Ramp, just hit the edit button and update stuff every play. I like reading your writing better than that monkey brained Dante Evil's
  10. crappola... Can I find that word in the dictionary? right next to: HOO-HAW Good to know, good to know
  11. Why do you guys give play by play of the game after the innings end? They have it on MLB.com or ESPN.com during the game, or radio, etc...
  12. crappola... Can I find that word in the dictionary?
  13. Just wanted to point out that maybe something is up in Atlanta. Maddux got rocked again. He was tagged for 10 runs, 7 earned in just 5 2/3. 2 HR via Pat Burrell.
  14. yea but you should look at both sides of the coin the Angels sucks in April the Indians started 10-1 The Pirates were 13-6 or something like that You are just being an optimist, we are more than likely in trouble.
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