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  1. Larson is a 3rd baseman though Brush up on the game pleassssssse! He can play 2B also, he is that versatile. Seesh, some people! :banghead p.s. Remember me Ramp?!? :hat
  2. MM is back, tell a friend. MMs back, MMs back, MMs back. LOOK OUT!
  3. Wow we hired the manager of the year from 1899! Only 104 years removed from that award!
  4. Tim Kurkjian ripped the fish today saying that our managment had unrealistic expectations before the season started in stating that we could/should win 90 games. He said we are a young team who has no offense or power overall, and zero power from the left side of the plate. He also said that Torberg was fired because we had a young pitching staff that was too young to lead us to anything great and because he would not fire Arnsberg. So he basically was also in trouble when two pitchers went down, one of whom was covering an injury for a while. Kurkjian also said that we are searching for a permanent manager and that no manager can make this team win.
  5. when you say a year behind do you mean that he did bad so his eta was set back a year or that he is just younger or drafter later? drafted later and he is in AA ball, Adrian is in AAA ball Stokes was not drafted later. Adrian and he were produced from the same draft, Adrian being our #1 that year and Stokes being our #2. Stokes, however, held out during a contract dispute and did not attend rookie ball that year and the Marlins, when they finally signed him, decided to wait a year and send him to the next years rookie ball instead of just skipping it and putting him in single A. Then he experieneced injuries such as his back problem which limited him that year so it essentially set him back another year and that is why he is not in AAA with Adrian right now.
  6. Simply put...no! Your positives spins are quite frankly, well, garbage. A realisitic spin is our team depended on our big three in pitching, a new improved bullpen and better hitting with RISP. AJ Burnett, the biggest of the big 3 is done for a year, maybe two. Our bullpen, with the exception of Armando Almanza and Braden Looper, has been absolutely AWFUL. Spooney, after his fast start, has a nice big 6 ERA. Great! And last but not least, our RISP has not improved to the point where it needs to be. Yes it is early, but our best hitter has been Alex Gonzalez who will likely come back to earth and by the time other get on track, if they ever do, we will be too far out to make our move. The ship is sinking fast, oh how fast the ship is sinking!
  7. Ramp's prediction: 9-2 Marlins Have you predicted a loss for the Marlins yet all year?
  8. Almanza's ERA is down to a sparkling 6.75, keep up the good work AA.
  9. Hey Ramp, just hit the edit button and update stuff every play. I like reading your writing better than that monkey brained Dante Evil's
  10. crappola... Can I find that word in the dictionary? right next to: HOO-HAW Good to know, good to know
  11. Why do you guys give play by play of the game after the innings end? They have it on MLB.com or ESPN.com during the game, or radio, etc...
  12. crappola... Can I find that word in the dictionary?
  13. Just wanted to point out that maybe something is up in Atlanta. Maddux got rocked again. He was tagged for 10 runs, 7 earned in just 5 2/3. 2 HR via Pat Burrell.
  14. yea but you should look at both sides of the coin the Angels sucks in April the Indians started 10-1 The Pirates were 13-6 or something like that You are just being an optimist, we are more than likely in trouble.
  15. MarlinMan

    I like candy.

    candy.... makes you dandy what movie is that from? Half-baked by Mr. Spamson himself.
  16. OK, here I go. I did not want to have to do this but you guys forced my hand. I am now breaking out the reality stick, all of you unrealistic optimists better duck! Ramp and whoever predicted their stats....we will not have four 100 RBI guys! What are some of you thinking? We dont have much power or great hitters, we wont be scoring 159,398,387 runs this year to get all of those RBIs. DT, were you dropped on your head as a child? We will not have 8 all-stars in the game. That was the alltime dumbest thing i have ever read.....until i saw that you predicted us to have 5 gold glovers! has a team ever had 3 in 1 year, let alone 5? lets settle for 1 first, then go for 5. I hope you were coked up when u wrote your predictions, its the only legit excuse. minus, we will not have four 15 game winners, its just not going to happen. GET A GRIP ON REALITY PEOPLE. ITS OK TO BE OPTIMISTIC, BUT DONT BE STUPID BE REAL!
  17. 1. Record: 82-80 2. Pitching Stats Burnett - 15-10 3.21 era Beckett - 16 - 8 3.04 era Penny - 14-10 3.54 era Redman - 8-10 4.2 era Pavano - 7-14 5.22 era 3. Hitting Stats Castillo - .320, 0 HR, 34 RBI, 52 SB Pierre - .288, 0 HR, 28 RBI, 50 SB Pudge - .325 27 HR, 110 RBI, 10 SB Lee - .290, 35 HR, 115 RBI, 8 SB Lowell - .281, 20 HR, 90 RBI, 0 SB Encarnacion - .270, 23 HR, 85 RBI, 22 SB Hollandsworth - .275, 12 HR, 70 RBI, 2 SB Gonzalez - .250, 8 HR, 62 RBI, 8 SB 4. Misc. Pudge, Castillo, Beckett are all all-stars and Pudge, Lee win Gold Gloves
  18. Wlad and Vitali are good figthers I think Vitali is better though. When Wladamir went into the ring he did not even warm up to fight Sanders who is a good fighter, has size, speed, and a good punch and he's a lefty. Wlad said he was countering Sanders Left with his right and that caused him problems. BTW: Lewis will lose to Vitali Put your money where your mouth is because you are dead wrong!
  19. Can you read, I never said Hassim. I was talking about Oliver Mcall you know the guy who destroyed Lewis and was 24-5 and even lesser known opponent than Sanders. Wlad will knock Sander's out in the second fight. That's all he has to do point blank. Also before you make some lame excuse about he has lost to Sander's it will alway's prove that Wlad is a nobody. So you can respond and try to insult me in your responce which is funny seeing that I'm younger than you but you feel the need to use insults. Then you can watch a Roy Jones Rap video with his high priced prostitues dancing in them. You want to know why Jones is a wannabe thug(I said wannabe but you seem to have a problem with not reading the whole statement). Let's see baggy clothes, wants to be a rapper and from the video HBO showed all he signs about him not getting respect and the ghetto. He does not have any concept of the english language and he's ignorant. Lewis has much more talent than Wlad or Vitali. You are obviously not very educated in boxing if you think otherwise. Lewis is prone to sleeping on his opponents and getting caught with a punch and going out. However, Wlad and Vitali have a totally different problem. They have been accused of having a weak chin and that they face lesser competition who still batter their faces to an alarming rate. It has been said, and I said it too, I would really question their heart if they were ever faced in a situation where they can not coast. Wlad was caught by a shot and then did not have any ability to recover. He is not anything. He may has size and youth, but he has no heart, chin and is not a natural fighter. He is too technical and does not ever rely on instincts, a poor combination. He should knock out Sanders if they fight again, Sanders is a 37 year old nobody. He had fought 3 rounds in 3 years before this fight, making him hardly a worthy opponent from the beginning anyway. More proof Wlad is scared of a big fight. You maybe younger than be, but you definitely show it also with your ignorance. And now he is a wanna be thug because he dresses in "baggy clothes"? Please get a life!
  20. Your maturity never ceases to amaze me. Also let me ask you something Lennox Lewis, he's the champion right? He was knocked out before and I don't mean by Hassim. Joe Lewis was embarrased by Schmelling. George Foreman was beat by Ali. The only heavyweight that went perfect was The Brockton Blockbuster. When Jones fight's a good heavyweight, then I'll give him the credit. Jones will fall to a heavyweight and you know it. Clinton Woods who was the bigger man in their fight had bright moments when he got Jones up against the ropes. What's going to happen when a big puncher has him trapped. My maturity? How about your double standards! When Jones fights a good heavyweight you will give him credit?!?!?!?! Why are you so quick to give Wlad any credit then? He has fought NOBODYS and got knocked out. Roy not only has never lost, but he has not even lost many rounds either. Remember I said Wlad's face was lit up by 43 year old Ray Mercer and I do not think he has a chin. Then he gets tested by a lesser opponent and gets knocked down 4 times in the fight in less than two rounds! Some chin! Hey did Hassim knock Lennox down 4 times in less than 2 rounds? How about Foreman by Ali? How about Joe LOUIS (not Lewis, he isn't Lennox) by Schmelling? No, that is right I did not think so. Even if Jones loses to a heavyweight then thats fine. He gives up so much size but his remarkable talent and accomplishments deserve to be praised, not knocked. Why should I give Wlad any credit? Because he has remarkable size? Man Please......... Get a clue!
  21. Hey Rune, Wlad got knocked out by Corrie Sanders tonight in the 2nd round. Some great contender he is.
  22. Actually a lot of their fight's are in Germany meaning I guess Germany is now in on your theory now too. If I remember Botha fought Wlad in Germany and had the same excuse. Also how long ago was the Hopkin's, Toney fights? If I remember his newest opponents have been Clinton Wood's, Glen Kelly, and Julio Gonzalez, big names. Also he said he would not fight Dariuz bc he wants to have the fight in Germany. If Jones really wanted to fight him he would put the green to get him to fight in America. Just because you like Jones because he pretends to be a thug, does not mean he has fought great talent. He is great and the best boxer pund for pound. Pound for Pound is the key word. Roy just finished off John Ruiz, a heavyweigh champion, this past Saturday and now you are claming he fights nobody. You have the worst double standards of all time and if you are comparing Byrd and Botha then please kill yourself. You are pulling out pathetic rebuttles and the fact of the matter is you may know some about boxing, but you do not know what I do. As Roy says, it isnt that he fights nobodys, its that he makes them look like nobodys. And as far as the thug comments...what makes him a thug? The fact that he is smart, is his own promoter and manager, has played in a professional basketball league, raps and is very successful while NEVER EVER BEING ARRESTED! Which part makes him the thug because if that is what qualifies you as a thug then I want to be one too!
  23. Let me ask you something, if this substance has a huge affect on the outcome of the fight. Which is about as hyped as any boxer coming out of Puerto Rico. Then why in the hell has Wlad not seen even te slightest problem in America. Also if you remember Byrd beat Vitali, their was no problem with his eye's then. Wouldn't you think they would think a like. It was just an excuse by the born again christian. Excuses are coming out all the time. Also you want to attack the opponent's Wlad has faced. I do not see you saying anything about Jones, or maybe Glen Kelly was just nervous. James Toney, he sat him down pretty nicely. What about Bernard Hopkins, the only man to beat Tito Trinidad. Oh wait, I recall Roy beating him with basically one hand because the other was injured. They are pretty big names. Oh how about giving up 30lbs to move up and fight a heavyweight champion and then beating him with ease. Oh yeah, Jones did that too didnt he! When Byrd fought Vitali it was in Germany, not Russia. That is not a great site for an American fighter but it is a neutral site. That is why the problem was not the same. what is your excuse now?
  24. Wlad dominated Chris Byrd and Jameel "Prison time" Mcline. At the time of the fight Jameel was a top 5 heavyweight. That fight was a huge fight, that's why HBO put that as the main event over an anticipated Floyd Mayweather re-match. Wlad outboxed kept him back and then finished him. If you remember Jameel has gone up with big puncher's granted Michael Grant never got the chance to fight power wise. Wlad effected him and then a huge prospect was put down. Also I really don't know why so many people shoot down Wlad and Vitali. Unlike most fighter's they are not thugs or wanna be rapper's. That is the kind of crap that ruins boxing the Roy Jones of the world. So Marlinman please tell me why knocking out the biggest prospect in the division next to him is nothing special. Jameel McCline has size. Other than that Jameel McCline has basically nothing. He does not have the power to match his size. He is not very skilled and was never a true top five heavyweight, both you and I know. He is not a big time name to most people and beating him does not impress me. If Tyson were to have fought him instead of Etienne last time do you think people would still be saying that he is fighting a nobody and it is just an easy victory? Yes they would and since that is true then there is no reason to say because Wlad fought him then he is good! As for the Chris Byrd fight, do not give me that load of bull! Go read the thread before you post. It was widely noted that Byrd was not being domnated until he had complained that he could not see do to a burning sensation in his eyes, something to the effect of Ali had versus Liston. This sensation did not come from a punch but rather an illegal substance more than likely put on the gloves of Wlad but since this fight took place in Wlad's home country of Russia nobody ever jumped to prove anything although many fighters who have faced Wlad in Russia have complained of the same eye burning sensation. But since you have shown your ignorance, you have seemingly ignored that. Michael Grant? Big deal, he has been as overhyped as they come. He has size and no substance. Now that is why what he has done, and his brother for that matter, is nothing special!
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