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50 best in baseball


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1.Alex Rodriguez

2.Barry Bonds

3.Albert Pujols

4.Vladimir Guerrero

5.Mark Prior

6.Todd Helton

7.Eric Gagne

8.Roy Halladay

9.Pedro Martinez

10.Carlos Delgado

11.Jim Thome

12.Gary Sheffield

13.Nomar Garciaparra

14.Vernon Wells

15.Mariano Rivera

16.Sammy Sosa

17.Eric Chavez

18.Magglio Ordonez

19.Derek Jeter

20.Miguel Tejada


22.John Smoltz

23.Billy Wagner

24.Curt Schilling

25.Randy Johnson

26.Scott Rolen

27.Tim Hudson

28.Ivan Rodriguez

29.Manny Ramirez

30.Brett Boone

31.Kerry Wood

32.Josh Beckett

33.Barry Zito

34.Jorge Posada

35.Jose Vidro

36.Jason Schmidt

37.Garret Anderson

38.Edgar Renteria

39.Javier Vazquez

40.Chipper Jones

41.Carlos Beltran

42.Alfonso Soriano

43.Hank Blalock

44.Bobby Abreau

45.Jason Giambi

46.Mark Mulder

47.Andruw Jones

48.Mike Mussina

49.Kevin Brown

50.Roy Oswalt

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here's my top 50

1.Barry Bonds

2.Albert Pujols

3.Alex Rodriguez

4.Pedro Martinez

5.Mark Prior

6.Todd Helton

7.Gary Sheffield

8.Vladimir Guerrero

9.Manny Ramirez

10.Brett Boone

11.Carlos Delgado

12.Mariano Rivera

13.Jim Edmonds

14.Jason Giambi

15.John Smoltz

16.Brian Giles

17.Jim Thome

18.Jason Schmidt

19.Tim Hudson

20.Eric Gagne

21.Roy Halladay

22.Mark Mulder

23.Scott Rolen

24.Eric Chavez

25.Edgar Renteria

26.Vernon Wells

27.Derek Jeter

28.Nomar Garciaparra

29.Kevin Brown

30.Ivan Rodriguez

31.Billy Wagner

32.Barry Zito

33.Mike Piazza

34.Javy Lopez

35.Carlos Beltran

36.Keith Foulke

37.Curt Schilling

38.Roy Oswalt

39.Magglio Ordonez

40.Esteban Loaiza

41.Bill Mueller

42.Troy Percival

43.Lance Berkman

44.Marcus Giles

45.Jorge Posada

46.Richard Hidalgo

47.Derek Lee

48.Richie Sexson

49.Andruw Jones

50.Sammy Sosa


HM:Chipper Jones, Orlando Cabrera, Trot Nixon, Luis Gonzalez

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Guest Juanky

Yeah Sammy is WAAAAAY better then #50. If you are discounting him because of suspicion of roiding activities then SF OF #25 should not be mentioned.

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