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ESPN.com Power 10

Rank Team Rogers' comment

1. Yankees


Given that $190 million payroll, there's surprisingly little depth in the starting rotation but it looks like one of the best lineups in history. It's amazing how little talk there has been about Gary Sheffield, who is as good of a bet to win the AL MVP as Alex Rodriguez.


2. Angels


With Bartolo Colon and Kelvim Escobar at the front of the rotation, this might be the most complete team in the majors. Troy Percival looked shaky this spring, but don't be fooled. He'll turn it up once the season begins.


3. Astros


Roy Oswalt looked great in spring training, as did Roger Clemens. The rotation is arguably eight deep, with Brandon Duckworth, Carlos Hernandez and Taylor Buchholz waiting in the wings.


4. Red Sox


Injuries to Nomar Garciaparra, Trot Nixon and Byung-Hyun Kim set a troubling tone for a team that hasn't done a good job getting its players under contract. The potential free agents after this season include Pedro Martinez, Derek Lowe, Scott Williamson, Jason Varitek, David Ortiz and Garciaparra.


5. Cubs


If Mark Prior is healthy and on form by Memorial Day, this should be the best team in the NL. But Dusty Baker and everyone in Cubs Nation are holding their breath about Prior. Look for a big year from Sammy Sosa, who is in terrific shape.


6. Marlins


Hard to believe you can be the world champions and underrated, but that appears the case. With Josh Beckett, Brad Penny, Dontrelle Willis and Carl Pavano on track, Florida is positioned to do something it never has -- win a division title.


7. Athletics


If you've got the Big Three, you've got a chance. But the A's have more questions than usual, with the biggest being the bullpen. Will Arthur Rhodes still be the closer in August?


8. Mariners


While 40-year-old Jamie Moyer remains the ace, few organizations have more good arms. Freddy Garcia appears poised for a significant comeback.


9. Phillies


Billy Wagner and Tim Worrell, who combined for 82 saves last year, are huge additions. This might be the deepest roster in the National League. But as long as Admin Bowa is the manager, it's hard to foresee smooth sailing.


10. Cardinals


With the Cubs and Astros spending more every year, St. Louis' excellent management team has been hindered by ownership's spending restriction. The failure to sign Greg Maddux, after veterans offered to defer some of their salaries, was a late demoralizing blow.

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