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Samson's Prediction

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On workout day last year before the Marlins opened their season, team president David Samson caught a lot of grief for predicting 91 wins.


As far-fetched as it sounded then, Samson was precisely right as the Marlins indeed won 91 games and then went on to capture the World Series title.


For an encore, Samson has taken a different prediction approach. Rather than give a definitive number, he presented four team beat writers with sealed envelopes forecasting what is yet to come.


The sealed letters are stamped with a confidential tab and are not to be opened until Oct. 3, 2004.


"I fully expect this to be dead-on again," Samson said. "I have an arrangement with Jack McKeon. We've already gone through the number of wins we will get. It's done. So we're going to get it right-on again."


Samson never expected his gut-reaction pick of 2003 would create such a fuss. The 91 wins was reported in USA Today, and editorialized widely.


"There were editorials making me the laughing stock of all sports, and businesses," Samson said. "We made such a big deal out of it, but it was just a little nothing. I just said I expected our team to perform well, and I figured 91 wins would be the number. Then all of a sudden, it took on a life of its own. So this year we're doing things a little differently."


The four writers -- from MLB.com, Miami Herald, South Florida Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post -- have been asked to open the letters together after the season concludes Oct. 3 in Philadelphia.


C/O floridamarlins.com

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I understand the novelty of Samson making precitions again this year and all that, especially considering the history of his predictions last year and the publicity they got when he was right....BUT....


Can we have one day when Samson STFU?


Sorry, but lately whenever Sampson talks my bullshete meter goes off the scale. Forget the sealed envelopes with predictions, blah blah blah. Hey, David, how about you shut the gaping hole in th middle of your face and do something productive with the stadium issue.


Seems like he is always talking and never says anything.

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Not too many days ago Samson said he wasn't going to make a prediction this year so that he could retire undefeated (or words that effect).

I thought I remember that he said he'd do it, but in a more extravagant way than last year (which he certainly did).


lolololol he's probably said alot of things to alot of people lololol

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