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Trade of the Century


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Wood is by far better than myers.


Huff had a .922 ops last year and wilkerson had a .844 ops.


What planet are you on that you consider the trade heavily in your favor? Is there something I'm not aware of?

I don't think it's heavily in my favor, but I laughed when I actually received this as a proposal. I know that Wood and Huff are far better than Myers and Wilkerson.

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I'm sorry (seriously, I'm confused) but you said:

I Get:

OF Brad Wilkerson, P Brett Myers


He Gets:

OF/1B Aubrey Huff, P Kerry Wood


Do you mean it the other way around or you just joking that you would be totally hosed if such a trade were to occur?

Yea, that was his offer. He offered to send me Wilkerson and Myers in return for Wood and Huff. I was just posting here because he thought that I would even consider sending those two guys for Wilkerson and Myers.

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