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OK, i was a little confused at first but now i think i got it, the marlins just got acknowledged on a national stage. After the question of Clemens being an NL Cy Young candadite came up, three of the four guys asked all said JOSH BECKETT would win the Cy Young. A couple even went on to point out that they are the best team in baseball and getting no respect even now. This kind of unanimous praise of the fish is the first i've seen. I really enjoyed this and I hope all of you did as well.

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I logged on just to tell everyone about this but you beat me to it. I was suprised when they all said Beckett but I can't disagree. Mariotti, Plaschke, and Holley all said Beckett would win it and then Paige goes on to say D-Train has a better chance and Wood will win it. >_>

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