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  1. http://www.metsblog.com/2011/11/13/siriusxm-jose-reyes-signs-with-the-marlins/ Looking more and more likely.
  2. my video buff too much so was never able see it well maybe their will have video later Lucky you.
  3. I'm telling you guys, there will most likely be nothing after this. However, if you are still watching, you are either a Pitbull fan or the most diehard Marlins fans ever latter for me ha I think it's latter for everyone.
  4. LOL @ the crowd shot. It was like 3 people clapping and one teenage guy looking bored as f***.
  5. I hope they have an ambulance waiting for Pitbull just in case.
  6. Guys, I hope none of you are expecting anything after the concert. I'm pretty sure this is it. I know but I just feel like I have to watch it. Like when the Marlins are down by over 10 runs and I can't turn off the TV cause you know... I'd rather be watching that right now though.
  7. Anyone see the poor fat black guy? He prolly stinks so bad right now.
  8. "2 spreads are better than 1." Really Tommy? XD
  9. Stupid rain just came down here and killed my cable. Nooooooooo.
  10. Ah good ol' game thread. It's been a while lol.
  11. Stupid double post. Someone delete this plz...
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