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  1. I just wish I could watch Marlins games on it................. Someone halp?
  2. Even at that price, I'd do it. I'm only interested in cable for sports and AEW, so I can survive with something pretty bare. This is going to entice a lot of people like me that don't need huge cable packages.
  3. https://www.bleachernation.com/cubs/2021/06/11/streaming-update-sinclair-reportedly-looking-at-23-per-month-for-direct-to-consumer-in-2022/ This is good shit. I would pay this in a heartbeat during baseball season, and maybe even basketball season. I dropped YTTV after the second to last price hike and if this becomes a reality, I could get Sling and be right back to what I was paying YTTV 2 years back with all of the same channels. Very excited.
  4. Is there a record for players designated to the IL in a week?
  5. I don't think punishment really deters anyone who does this in the heat of the moment. If you want him gone to deter others, you'll fall at that. Unless they're truly pieces of shit, this stuff isn't done while thinking logically. If you want him gone because he did something terrible, then that's one thing. Maybe this was his worst moment or maybe he's done it before. I don't know... but you can't definitively call him a horrible person because he did one horrible thing in the heat of the moment. I wouldn't ban him from the game. I'd suspend him without pay and maybe set his wife up with whatever pay he doesn't receive so she can feel enabled to leave him if necessary. On the other hand, he's made enough money that removing his livelihood shouldn't leave him in squalor to the detriment of society... So regardless, Marcell will be ok. There should be mechanisms in place to ensure his wife is ok, though.
  6. Frustrating. Not a fan of games being called before the end of the ninth...
  7. I love Das. Keep doing what you do, man.
  8. Up until this new redesign, orange has always been a primary color, in that we saw it the most. As the Florida Marlins with the piece of shit stadium seats and as the Miami Marlins on the uniform
  9. I don't know how he came out unscathed by that, but thank god he did.
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