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  1. Entendu


    Man, i can't believe you all haven't had Cuban pizza. Rey's pizza is ok, and Too Colo's is more than ok, but I'd do Polo Norte. Simple pepperoni pizza.
  2. Entendu


    Oof that was a mistake, sorry. Chicago deep dish is whatever. DETROIT deep dish is the shit
  3. Entendu


    Chicago deep dish is the best pizza, followed by Cuban pizza.
  4. Since it's month to month, people just drop the service and find another
  5. I have no tv provider largely because I'm not paying 70 dollars a month for the three times a month inkling to watch something.... Sadly today is one of those days...
  6. So what if I'm offended by their offense? What if the Cleveland Indians are part of my culture and I'm concerned that it's being sanitized for a reason I don't think is valid? In all fairness, this is minor when you consider what this mentality is doing to the world, so I'm not too worked up over this particular issue. Things like these seem to move like a pendulum, so I'm eagerly awaiting things to swing back in the other direction... Because it'll probably swing back pretty hard.
  7. Apparently not, if we're still renaming teams because it may hurt someone's feelings. If seeing the name Cleveland Indians up on a billboard affects your child's self esteem, you need to do a better job of raising that child to be a functioning adult. Everything is taken much too personally, and everyone is much too frail nowadays. There are places in the world where people worry about what they're going to eat today, or if they'll be killed in some sort of explosion or act of war.... But we here are worrying about the Cleveland Indians... Oh, and having to wear a mask for a little.
  8. Dear God this country needs some real problems...
  9. I would be ecstatic if Amazon picked it up. Youtube TV is meh... they lost me with the latest price hike.
  10. Cue the circus music. I really hope the Marlins get out from under this hot mess.
  11. I love how they saved the baseball questions until the end. I skipped every social justice question and saved about 50 minutes of my time. I hope she does well. I'm excited.
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