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  1. Cue the circus music. I really hope the Marlins get out from under this hot mess.
  2. I love how they saved the baseball questions until the end. I skipped every social justice question and saved about 50 minutes of my time. I hope she does well. I'm excited.
  3. She already fucked up. She can't pronounce her name. UGH
  4. It's "ing", but when she fucks up, it'll be "ugh"
  5. Exactly. I really only need 3 channels and I'd be happy. Unfortunately, one is an RSN which means I need to pay the provider $50+ a month. That's why I don't have cable whatsoever. On the brightside, I read more now...
  6. I would love to buy the channel standalone. Like 10 dollars per month straight to Sinclair... ...I bet it'd be 20 dollars a month as an introductory price with a one year commitment so you can't cancel during the off-season.
  7. Sinclair's recent drops from streaming platforms have to increase the Marlins leverage in any negotiation. I hope that the Marlins just walk away and decide to broadcast elsewhere. What a disaster Sinclair is.
  8. Brinson kind of shat the bed towards the end. Looking at his line at the end of the year, and it fell back down to earth. I hope it has more to do with the season being cut short than him being lucky early on...
  9. I pay 40 dollars for internet (I got a great starter price when I bougth my place, and call every year and threaten to cancel, so it hardly goes up year over year), 14 dollars or whatever it is now for Netflix, and my Prime Video is included with my cell phone plan for free (job pays for cell phone plan). I'd be hard pressed to pay less than 55-60 dollars for TV entertainment anywhere. Cutting the cord is great, but you need to live with the fact that you can't watch those couple of channels you like. There's a detox period, but you get used to it.
  10. Man, I'd be very happy if I could avoid having to pay cable just to watch the Marlins next year. Especially since YTTV dropped Fox Sports (even though I acknowledge that it's likely they'll pick them back up soon)
  11. What are the realistic options for next season? I don't see how they don't renew with Sinclair
  12. I can't wait until our team is set and we shit on Acuna's smug ass on a consistent basis
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