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  1. I don't drink milk anymore.
  2. Well, that stat is bullshit. Once you go past 5 characters, it's all shit.
  3. Chen's Ultimate Earned Intelligence Quotient Analysis score is roughly 750, which means that out of every 1,000 swings by a batter with an IQ over 100, 750 result in an incorrect decision by the batter.
  4. I guess runs allowed per nine innings is kind of a stupid way to measure how well a pitcher can perform his primary function of not allowing runs. You're right.
  5. He's 6-9 with a 4.64 ERA.
  6. I'd trade him for nothing. Whoever takes the most amount of salary.
  7. Because I'm racist, obviously. I explained why it bugs me so much in the paragraphs i wrote that you didn't include in your quote.
  8. It's a waste of time and effort. You teach the Spanish speaking players English because they're playing in a predominantly English speaking country, where they'll have to give interviews, do PR, go to the supermarket, and live in general. You're teaching the English speakers Spanish because... You want to make the Spanish speakers feel loved? Also, on the level of effort placed on these classes... If you are going to half ass it then even more of a reason to not do it. Making a player take time away from training, family, recovery, etc. even if just half an hour to learn how to say 'yo
  9. They should have electric guitar night, where everyone gets a free electric guitar and amp.
  10. Entendu


    Baseball is a game of averages. Anyone can win on any given day. If you look at the standings, we ARE getting curb stomped by the Red Sox.
  11. I hope they keep that trainwreck down for the rest of the season. He doesn't belong on a major league team right now.
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