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4/22 Smackdown


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Smackdown Thoughts:


RVD/Booker wasn't bad for a 5 minute match, except if you've seen one of their matches, you've seen them all....Boy, for as much as WWE doesn't wanna use the WCW name, they sure drop the ECW name ALL THE TIME....I'm sorry, but I was entertained during the tag match. Rico is hilarious....My guess as who the luchador is is Paul London. I think the hair gave it away, actually. What a brutal clothesline, though....I was tired of the Dupree segment before he even introuduced Torrie....


Cena v.s Los Chavos was good, and Chavo Sr. doing the "u can't see me" bit was funny....Still impressed by the Mordecai vignettes, but let's see if WWE actually has something for him to do when he debuts....D-Von v.s Eddy was okay, but I was tempted to switch to CSI and Kingdom Hospital during the match, which isn't a good sign. Is it a rule that the challenger has to win every non-title match?

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