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Raw 4/26


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RAW Thoughts:


Can't complain about the ladies tag match: it was short, and there wasn't much of Lita in the match....Hey! Matt Hardy has something to do!....Cool Tajiri/Trips segment, something you wouldn't expect to see....Pretty funny with Helmsley thinking a plant was Bischoff backstage....You know you're in a bad way when your match is a backdrop for EUGENE HIJINKS~!....If they're gonna keep Christopher around (which I don't have a problem with), they need to give him a new gimmick....


Poor Tajiri- I thought he'd get a big pop coming out because (1) He was facing Triple H and (2) he's the underdog. But all he got was silence....The match itself was pretty decent, taking me back to the days that Trips fought Taka and Al Snow in consecutive weeks in pretty darn good matches....So Kane's new gimmick is that he's a pervert?....


The Orton/Race segment was pretty well done, at least getting Orton some heat in Harley's home state. One of my friends reminded me that Race was in that NBC special that revealed the "secrets" of wrestling. I thought I heard where the guys involved would be blackballed or something like that. I guess that wasn't true....The ME wasn't too bad, but may have ran a little long.

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Trips talkin to the plant was great.... i was dying


lol Kane is a perv now I guess


i think the loogey missed Reese and was launched into the fans behind him but Harley was definitely hit


ME was solid.... nice to see Edge with gold around his waist

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