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Heat @ Hornets


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I believe the Heat will be much better prepared in this game. I think the loss on Saturday was pretty much a wake-up call that the Hornets aren't giving up that easy just because they're down. I wouldn't exactly say the loss was a good thing but maybe it was needed to give the Heat back some firepower.


I think the key for Miami for this game will be Wade. He said himself that in Game 3, they forced him to take perimeter shots and they were trapping him and making him turn the ball over and that he was gonna have to adjust and be more aggressive taking the ball to the hole in Game Fo :cool

Let's Go Heat!

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We're getting abused. They just have more size and a lot more poise.


I hate the D we're playing. We got guys flying at the ballhandler leaving everyone else open. It's easy picking. There's a reason NO is shooting over 60%. Stan's got to change this up.


And Wade needs to settle down. He's playing a good game. 8 assists. He shouldn't let Baron make him think he's playing poorly.


NO is getting all the hustle points. EJ is missing a lot of open looks. His stats look OK, but he's been pretty open all night. And Brian Grant is just abysmal offensively. He's like 0-3 on layups.

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