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Good Evening! We will will return to "Everybody Loves Redmond" shortly...This is a CBS news alert!!!


Marlinsbaseball.com infamous and controversial member, PlayAtThePlate has been released from Turner Gilford Knight Correctional Facility, after having been recently transfered there from Jupiter Police Dept.


He will making his first statements since the arrest, at a press conference scheduled to take place shortly.


We of course will bring that to you live as soon as he reaches the podium.


We will have Senator Bob Dole and celebrity, the blonde guy from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" joining us on the discussion panel. PlayAtThePlate is being pusued by the producers of the show, in hopes that they can clean him up, and put him on the road to success, and get him a girlfriend. I apologize for not having the name, but we should come up with it shortly...he is the fashion expert on the Bravo network show.


stay tuned...


this isss CCCCCCCBS news, New York,

I'm Dan Rather

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Senator Dole

Thanks for being with us tonight on such short notice...and for being here live in the studio, you arrived here faster than we thought...and appear to be extremely peppy this evening...


It's a good thing your not standing Mr. Dole? Did we interupt something? We are live !!!!

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