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Top 10 out-pitches in baseball


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1) Mariano Rivera's cut fastball

That's a fine ass pitch, but his hard slider might be his best, but I might of seen it twice.


2) Kerry Wood's curveball

3) John Smoltz' slider

4) Eric Gagne's changeup

Ahem, look at Trevor Hoffman. He doesn't throw 98, and all he has is that change up and decent fastabll. Trevor deserves some props.


The best change in the majors is DEFINITELY Chris Hammond's. His fastball might be one of the worst in the majors and that change keeps him in the bigs.


5) Roger Clemens' split-finger fastball

Phenominal pitch, but Curt Schilling's and Jose Contreras (when he's not tipping his pitches) can be just as fast and deadlier with their break.


6) Tim Wakefield's knuckleball

I would agree with that!


7) Billy Wagner's four-seam fastball

8) Barry Zito's curveball

9) Kevin Brown's sinker

All phenominal pitches.


I think Mike Mussina's knuckle curve should be up there. Jeff Weaver's 2 seamer might be one of the scariest in the majors...to bad he is a dumbass and cannot mix up his pitches.

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