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how much money will "the day after tomorrow make"?


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It's won't make over, it still has stiff competition from Shrek that will take away money,


That 10.5 miniseries did poorly for NBC so A Diasaster movie is not the best franchise to pursue right now.


Plus, it's biggest star is Dennis Quaid.


I say high 30 mil.

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well it made 70 million this weekend, but still fell short of shrek 2 with 73 million


Shrek 2" overpowered the new disaster picture "The Day After Tomorrow" to retain the crown at the North American box office during the first three days of the Memorial Day holiday weekend.


According to studio estimates issued on Sunday, the cartoon sequel sold about $73.1 million worth of tickets, while "The Day After Tomorrow" opened with $70 million.


Far off in the distance, "Troy" slipped one place to No. 3 with $11.5 million, while the Kate Hudson domestic comedy "Raising Helen" opened with a modest $11.2 million. The urban comedy "Soul Plane," starring Snoop Dogg, crashed on take-off, selling just $5.7 million worth of tickets in its first weekend.





After 12 days, DreamWorks' "Shrek 2" has grossed $237.8 million, having raced past the $200 million mark on Friday, its 10th day. Only "Spider-Man" did it faster, taking nine days in 2002. But DreamWorks said "Shrek 2" broke "Spider-Man's" old record for a second-weekend haul, which was $71.4 million.


The next record in the studio's sights is the one for a four-day Memorial Day holiday, which "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" set in 1997 with a tally of $90.2 million.




The $70 million launch for Twentieth Century Fox's "The Day After Tomorrow," in which severe climate change turns New York into a frozen wasteland, exceeded the studio's expectations, said distribution president, Bruce Snyder.


The $125 million film stars Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal. It was directed by Roland Emmerich, of "Independence Day" fame.


Additionally, it opened in 102 other countries, taking in $82.1 million, driving the worldwide total to $152.1 million. Snyder said it was the best worldwide opening for a non-sequel, smashing the old mark of $107 million set three weeks ago by the monster thriller "Van Helsing." Fox is a unit of News Corp.'s Fox Entertainment Group Inc .


After 17 days, the total for Warner Bros.' "Troy" rose to $106.1 million. The holiday did not appear to do much for the film, which lost a hefty 52 percent of its audience from last weekend.


It was the same for Universal's sixth-ranked "Van Helsing," which earned $4.9 million, a drop of 54 percent. Its 24-day total rose to $108.8 million. Even Universal's summer 2003 bomb, "The Hulk," had made more after four weekends.

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TDAT isn't going to make over 50 million for one simple reason: It's really bad.


The special effects notwithstanding, the human interest part of the story (you know , the other 130 minutes of the movie that isn't special effects) is really, really preposterous.


Won't spoil the movie for you suckers out there planning on seeing it, but one glaring example is Dennis Quaid and two other manly sceintific type dudes walking, from Philly to NYC, in a driving blizzard, with 30 feet of snow on the ground, in a blowing snowstorm, in a day. Yes, that's right, I said WALKING.


Just way too inconsistent. Special effects were good, but not eye-shattering.

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