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Arnie Munoz debut for ChiSox


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11er in like 3IP


nice job

Name one manager in baseball, outside of Ozzie, that will let a kid, WHO IS MAKING HIS MAJOR LEAGUE DEBUT, pitch to a guy who ALREADY HAD A HOMER EARLIER IN THE INNING, WITH THE BASES LOADED.


Name another manager who would have run that same pitcher back out there in the next inning. After a 9 run second.


Ozzie is to blame for that line, not Munoz. It's one thing to let a veteran take one for the team out there, but for a guy to be dismanlted like that, and have to be run back out there, in his major league debut is inexcusable. Thanks to ozzie munoz has about as much confindence now as a $5 hooker.




incidentely, in the second munoz had two outs, in a 3-1 game, when he induced a deep flyball to center field. It landed just on the warning track, but the centerfielder, Rowand, was playing so ridiculously far in that he couldn't even track it down, and should have gone for a triple, but the batter (Vidro) didn't even run out of the box. He threw the bat down in disgust. So the line is again misleading, as in my book, that play should go down as an error, but since Rowand never touched it, it goes as a hit. He have been out of the inning allowing 2ER not 9.

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