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Dontrelle Willis tonight

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How was his curveball? Did he even bother throwing it or did he decide he could get batters out with his two pitches again?

he threw it fine


Dontrelle didnt pitch too bad really


the defense just really screwed him over big time


his first inning should have been scoreless...but defense f***ed up


if the first had went ok im sure the night would have been smoother

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He was just doing OK (B+ on the DTRAIN Meter), but when they scored 3 runs (due to the Sea Bass error) he never recovered and was struggling the whole game.

It just makes it harder on a pitcher that he knows that he could of been out of the inning but hes not. And it lowers his confidence and pitchers usually feel more comfterble and they usually pitch better when they have the lead.

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