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I went on a system of 50% of overall numbers for home attendane and % of seats filled. Either one is flawed in judging because boston does not have numbers but has The %'s while a team that has a huge stadium that only gets 40 will still get shafted because their percentage is lower than a team with smaller stadium who fill up the same amount of people. So in those cases % does not work.


So I combined them and of course Boston still gets shafted but regardless.


Oh and if their were ties in the way I did it, I went on % of seats filled to break the tie...


1. Cubs

2. Phillies

3. Angels

4. Giants

5. Yanks

6. Red Sox

7. Houston

8. Dodgers

9. Padres

10. Cardinals

11. Mariners

12. DBacks

13. O's

14. The Rangers

15. Reds

16. Rocks

17. Braves

18. Marlins

19. A's

20. Royals

21. Mets

22. White Sox

23. Tiggers

24. Brewers

25. Pirates

26. Twins

27. Indians

28. Blue Jays

29. Devil Rays

30. Suprise here... Spo's

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gee, i wonder if any particular team gets oddly bumped up 2 spots when average and pct are combined...

Yes that's exactly it. I'll even go on A Phils example, last year when they had the vet if you went on % they would get robbed because you can't fill a 60,000+ stadium while a team with a smaller attendance number but say 40,000 seats would beat out on % not because their's a bigger demand but because of more seats that they can't fill they lose out. On overall numbers places like Chicago or Boston could get more people seats if they had a bigger stadium but don't.


Either way you go teams get screwed. The cubs at #1 is the easiest to call because not only do they have a huge % and attendance figures.


Top 5 attendance numbers in people in the seats








Chi would have gotten screwed while teams that are filling up only 80% have two in the top three.









Now three of the teams above miss the top 5 in this due to % but their are still teams in the lower rankings getting robbed. If you can think of a better system, tell

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