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Johnny Reb

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I will offer one more topic for this evening.






Should it be deemed illegal in a public setting?



Some cities have already done this or are in the process of doing this?



Is this a good idea?



Does it infringe on individual rights?


Is it a public health issue?


I am sure there are many more questions you can ask in regards to this subject. What do you think though?



Post your thoughts here.

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this is an issue that has many loopholes...


it is almost impossible to say yes smoking should be banned or no smoking should not be banned...


there are cirumstances to deal with...



bars and clubs- no smoking should not be banned, especially in a bar. to me that would be utterly ridiculous and should require no furthere explanations..

restaurants- non-smokers should be considerate of smokers' rights to be able to smoke, however smokers should also be considerate of non-smokers' desires to not want to be around any of it.. my solution is simple, at restaurants, the patio area or outdoors area should be designated for smoking, and inside the restaurant, the designated smoking area is great, but maybe should be perhaps a little more isolated aloowing less of the smoke to entire the air, for those non-smokers who do not want to inhale all of the excess, unnecessary second hand smoke..


i have said my peace.

the end.

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Let me bring this topic back to the front. I suspect many never saw it, it is a subject that definitely needs to be addressed, as in many progressive cities throughout the country, smoking is being banned in many public establishments.



Personally, I think this would be a very good step done.



You could almost argue in many ways that tobacco should be illegal just like marijuana, but it would never occur, mainly due to the cash cow the tobacco industry is for the government. But thats entirely a different topic.


Should people have the right to smoke? Yes.



Should people have the right to smoke in public places enjoyed by all of society? Not necessarily, especially with the studies done on the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

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