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AA Mudcats win an exciting game


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Carolina led Chattanooga 6-4 going into the 8th inning. In Chattanooga's top of the 8th they put up three runs to take a 7-6 lead :boo-woo

However, Carolina came back with three of their own in the bottom of the 8th to reclaim the lead for good on a Chip Ambres' 2 run HR and an RBI single from Billy Hall. :cheers

Messenger picked up his 8th save in the 9th inning with 3 k's (and a single thrown in for good luck).

Side note: There's a new catcher on the Mudcats roster, Greg Brown, but I don't know his story.



Other notes:

Billy Hall 4-5: 1 HR (4), 2 2b (7, 8), 2 RBI (15, 16)


Josh Willingham 2-3: 1 HR (17), 2 RBI (50, 51), 1 HP (11)


Chip Ambres 1-4: 1 HR (7), 2 RBI (26, 27)


Josh Wilson 1-4: 1 RBI (41), 1 W (41)

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What I have found on Greg Brown so far is he was an undrafted player who signed with the Marlins in 2003 out of Lynn University. He was promoted from Jupiter to Carolina on June the 26th. (He's 0 for 2 since being moved up)


Pure speculation:

The Mudcats have had two catchers on their roster all year. Greg Brown makes three. I have to wonder if moving G Brown up is in preparation for another move on Carolina's roster.

The options:

Willingham trade (tis the season)

Willingham promotion (he has had an excellent season and has been at AA all year)

Anderson trade (the other catcher (who started tonight?s game behind the plate)

Anderson demotion (I say this not b/c I think it should happen but b/c I am just listing options)


I would love to see Willingham moved up, but maybe they just decided to keep three catchers at AA for a while.

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