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Things aren't as bad as they could be

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I dont think Willingham is going to be as big a factor as most think. He is not ready defensively at C. He could play the corners, but why would you put him in over Choi or Lowell? He can contribute offensively, and I hope that he does. It is easy to bank on a guy who is producing like he is at AA.


I want to see our starters get to the 6th inning more consistently. If you notice teams that make a run, they do it with pitching. This team has YET to get a consistent effort through the rotation.


Once that happens, the bullpen will be able to gel and get into their roles and the offense can get back to playing small ball instead of trying to make up for early deficits.


Conine and Bump will be huge contributors to this team. I stand by that and it will be seen.

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