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Baseball Prospectus thinks Beckett could be out...


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a while...


It's hard for me to deal with pitchers like Josh Beckett. They are the most frustrating type of talent. It's not the pitch counts, the mechanics, or anything in the normal realm of sports medicine that could keep his gift on the mound. I only hope he ends up closer to fellow Texans Nolan Ryan and Kerry Wood than to someone like David Clyde. Beckett has what is being called a skin tear. Rather than the normal pocket of skin that fills with fluid, the skin just came right off. Beckett reported that this is the worst problem he's had and the first time he's bled from blister-related problems. Expect this DL stint to be long, along the lines of Jeremy Affeldt last season.


I know there isnt much behind his thoughts but maybe he is right :confused

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The offense is going to have to overcome the loss of Beckett. Other than Oliver early, starting pitching has been good enough to take us to the post season. Another arm will give us an adequate BP.....having the offense step up will be key to our success.

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Starting pitching has been very inconsistent this year:


Oliver has been a huge disappointment and is hurting us the most.


Burnett is starting to turn the corner, and to me has been right on target.


Willis has been inconsistent, but that, too, is to be expected.


Penny started well, but has been pretty average, at best, for the past month +.


Beckett is down, again.


Pavano is the only pitcher pitching well and worthy of his contract and status.


People have been blaming the offense, the bullpen, but when our starting pitching breaks down, we can no longer play small ball and eek out a run to win a game. And at that point, the bullpen doesnt matter anyway. ASB is a welcomed sight.


I agree with Rferry that Bump and Wayne have to step up. I also think that both are capable.

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