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Any ideas to make All Star voting fair...


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OK, we all know the All-Star voting is biased and compltely based on popularity!

Is there any ideas to make all star voting fair by letting the fans participate? We all know Sammy Sosa did not belong in that All Star game, neither did Giambi, as well as a few others.


Here's what I think would make it fair for all...


The players/coaches/managers etc. vote for one player for each position, based on stats, what they have brought to the game, effort etc. for the the last half of last season and the first half of the current season.


The top 5(or w/e #) players for each position are then considered nominees, and allowed to be voted on by fans.


what do you think?


Any ideas?

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Leave it the way it is, but let the manager make the starting lineup. Fans get to pick the same 8 for each team, but none are obligated to start.


That way, the stadium vote can still happen because there won't be as big of a time crunch, but the best guys get out there early.


Either way, it won't make a difference if the pitchers don't go more than 2 innings at a time or the players play more than 3 innings, you can't make something count where people don't care. Under this format, Barry Bonds is more valuable coming off the bench late than starting and going 3 innings.

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