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So now that Cabrera is in the Majors....


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The more I think about it, the more I think the guy we got, or were going to get from Montreal was JOE Fontenot, not Mike Fontonet and that he was already washed out. Thats why we can't find him.


As for A. Nunez being traded I still haven't found anything to confirm that. There's nothing on the Hammerhead's website that would suggest he's gone, nor on Google News or minor league's website.

i hate joe fontenot. we gave robb nen for him and 2 other SCRUBS.


fontenot got washed out in 98 i believe... he was a 1st rounder and was a similar pitcher to dempster... I hate him though.


mike fontenot is another 1st rounder from LSU. danny was just gullable and fell for some simulated league BS. BTW , that league looks kinda kool. I wonder how you play in one of those.

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