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Libretarians and Jesse Ventura


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This is of course a question for The Libretarians here.


Jesse Ventura announced at wrestlemania this year his intentions of running for president in 08, his record as gov had been one of a moderate libretarian and he has identified himself as leaning to them.


So even through his failures as gov would you still take him as your nominee in 08 for the name value and ideals?

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Kinda like asking: so, have you stopped beating your wife?


Maybe what you view as "failures", others don't.



So I'm assuming his immense "popularity" at the end of his term was sign enough that he did a good job?


If I remember his own town which was so proud of him when he was elected that they renamed their town for him was so angry at him in the end they pulled the name.

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I like the libertarian platform, but am weary of people using it because it's an easy ticket


for example out here we have a guy making noise, using it as a publicity stunt ... he's an ex con and he's just a punk ... not backed by the party, but gets enough noise to make the party look bad


also there is a clean elections money issue out here based on some libertarian candidates who went to clubs and bars to campaign (and used the clean elections money to pick up the tab)

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