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a few things we can look forward to..


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number 1, i wont be going to any more marlins games this year, as I am leaving for syracuse to go back to school (I was 0-7 at games). so i guess i can't "jinx" anymore games. AND I AVOIDED THE PHILLY SERIES BECAUSE I CARED THAT MUCH ABOUT THE TEAM... I even had free tix to games that I TURNED DOWN... instead watched the games on the tv


number 2, we have some damn good pitching... but as i told my mom at the game tonight, we aren't going to win unless pavano gets a no-hitter... it was sad but true... man he was good tonight though.

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sorry to tell u but i dont think u have anything to do with the way the marlins play



i'm glad... cause a while back i was told it was the opposite, and no, i dont feel im a real jinx, but many on this board will flame me for going to games, so i figure i'll appease them.

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