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RAW 8/30


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RAW Thoughts:


Usual Triple H interview to start things off, followed by Randy Orton and exhibits A, B and C. The loogie picture was hilarious. This Orton turn has been about as well-received as I thought- it will take some time at first for the crowd to "warm up" to him as a face....The handicap match was dull....I guess they're desperate with Eugene, going for the cheap/hometown heat....


Batista v.s Regal was okay, but as with most RAW matches, too short to amount to anything....I can't believe they wasted Michaels at the RNC. Some surprise....Stacy looked pretty hot, as always. The actual segment was, well, interesting. I wish I would've paid a little more attention to it. I can't believe they gave those girls a live mic....


For a split second, I thought Jeff was returning to face Kane. That, or midgets. And yes, I too feared Lita signed her name to the contract....The Benoit/Flair match was pretty decent. Can't they find ANYTHING to do with Benoit?....The Highlight Reel was okay, and Edge was better on the mic than he has been....The women's match was best when Gail was in there (I can't believe I'm typing that)....Even the Eugene/Triple H match was okay, though the Eugene character has run it's course.

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