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-The opening tag match was fun, and a good match to boot. I liked the look of the entrance set-up; it had the matchup posted on the video wall like they did in the olden days.


-I don't get this backstage argument. Couldn't Tomko have come out with both Trish AND Christian? They ARE in two separate matches. And if Trish needed protection backstage, why didn't Tomko just look her in the room? This theory also goes out the window, because didn't she go back to the locker room after her match while Tomko was fighting?


-The women's match was disappointing. I expected better.


-Then the s*** hit the fan. A quick beatdown would've sufficed, but this seemed to go on FOREVER. THIS was the payoff to the Stevie-in-drag angle? Come on. He should've gotten the win, with help from Victoria perhaps. And why did King and JR seem like it was obvious who it was, when a few weeks ago they had no clue?


-Jericho v.s Christian was a good match, with some good ladder bumps. Jericho falling ass first on the ladder was a cringeworthy spot. One of Jericho's bumps was kind of weird, where it looked like he was gonna fall off the ladder and out to ringside, but he just fell off in the ring.


-Kane v.s Michaels was a pretty good match, including the contractually obligated bladejob by Shawn. It would've been nice if Shawn's superkick actually hit Kane above the chest.


-The tag title match got the "kiss of death" slot on the card. And it wasn't that interesting, either.


-I have a problem with Triple H winning the title here. If he would've won it straight from Benoit, then fine. But I didn't like the one-month Orton reign. I don't think that did anything for him. Sure, he fended off Evolution and a crooked ref, but why give him the title at all? The long chase for the belt, culminating in a match "to settle the score" at WrestleMania would've been perfect (though Trips probably wouldn't job in 2 WM's in a row). It seemed like they've condensed a years worth of storyline into one or two months.

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