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Things ARE looking up...


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I cant explain it. I just cant explain it at all. But I feel very good about this team's chances. I feel like they may have somehow captured another miracle.


Sure, things arent looking optimal. Naysayers and the faithless will continue to point out the reasons NOT to believe - AJ's elbow, Hurricanes, double-headers, 6th starters, single A arms, disappearing Koch, no Cordero - the list goes on.


But for some reason, those things dont shake my belief in this team - a belief that is not tied to my love for this team.


This team has a unique composition. A composition of warriors who have the rare ability of rising to a challenge when things seem most dark. They are loose in times of great tension.


It is not a sign of bad things when Alex Gonzalez smacks a homerun and makes a great defensive play to win while at 'home' in Chicago. It is not a bad omen when Juan Encarnacion starts hitting. When Conine starts becoming the run producer that very few of us ever believed (you all mocked me then, but what do you have to say now?). When our pitchers start stepping up and giving us good starts more consistently. Look at Beckett, Willis, Valdez and even Pavano - who despite his recent loss had won 5 straight.


As tough as things have gotten, the Marlins continue to break through. Right now it looks dark, very dark. But for some reason, hope still lingers. This team's destiny still will be decided by the guys in that clubhouse. Be patient and have faith. Things that are invaluable in life, I am starting to learn. But for those who cant see let those of us who have vision light the way.


This team WILL succeed. Of that, feel absolutely sure.

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