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Sick Sad World...


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I was listening to "T-Man in the Morning" on this morning while I was going to a doctors appointment, and there were a few interesting stories that they were covering:


An Orthodontist, 58 years of age, that worked near Seattle was sexually molesting his 11 year-old female clients. He would ask them for their email addresses and sn's so that he could chat with them. On one occasion he told a girl that she was really hot and asked them what "undergarments" she was wearing. Then he asked if he could have cyber sex with her.


If that's not sick, then what about this....


Some people, they don't really know who, has been spreading human feces on fruit produce around the Seattle area.


Oh, and not only that, the teachers in and around Seattle has been sexually molesting their students.


Where in the hell is this world coming too? We can't eat the f***ing fruit because s*** is on the fruit. You can't go to the orthdontist without having to worry about the damn orthodontist being a perv, and doing sexual things with small children. You can't really trust the teachers any damn more and school is suppose to be the safest place to be.

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You know, there is no excuse for this stuff happening. Obviously it could have never happened with this kind of means, but something tells me all this is history repeating itself. Back in the day penalties were stiffer, and the system wasn't as well built as it is today to take care of these people, but what probably happened is the history writers conveniently forgot. I don't think life is crummy now compared to other times, it's alot better. It just happens that our communication reach is so extensive that so much more gets put on paper, something that didn't happen back in the day.


That's my theory anyways and I'm sticking to it.

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Wash off your fruit. Teach your daughters not to give out personal information. If a guy is banging his female teacher, more power to him. That's always been a fantasy of mine...

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