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Light bulb!



DALLAS, Texas (Reuters) -- They sure do not make things anymore like the Texas lightbulb that sold for a few cents and has burned for 96 straight years.


The North Fort Worth Historical Society will have a birthday party Tuesday for its famous household fixture -- a lightbulb that has burned continuously since September 21, 1908. The bulb was first illuminated when a stagehand at a local opera house flicked a switch and posted a sign that the light over a stage entrance was not be turned off.


"We have no idea why it has lasted so long. That is the wonderful mystery of it," said Sarah Biles, the administrator of the museum where the bulb burns, complete with its own independent power supply.


The Texas bulb is about 40 watts and made of thick glass that houses a sturdy carbon filament.


Despite having lasted 96 years so far, the Texas lightbulb does not hold the record for the longest continuously burning bulb in the world.


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, that honor goes to a some 4 watt bulb that has been burning at a firehouse in Livermore, California, since it was turned on in 1901.


Biles said the keepers of the Texas bulb feel no luminescence envy with the California model because their bulb has had a much more celebrated history.


The Texas bulb was touted -- wrongly -- in the 1930s as the longest burning bulb in the world. The opera house where it burned became a movie house and actors promoting films in Fort Worth would stop to admire the bulb's orange glow.


"Our bulb has a unique past and can hold its own, even if it is number two," Biles said.




That light bulb is officially the coolest thing evah!

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Guest Moneyball

some questions that i must ask:


-Is the bulb hot?

-Why hasn't someone turned it off?

-Is it on back up generator?

-Does the bulb meet Texas State electrical codes?

-So there hasn't been a power outage in 96 straight years?

-Is the bulb on dope or roids?

-Why hasn't someone destroyed the bulb in Cali? This bulb PWNS the one in Cali.

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