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  2. A non-issue... I bet we have tasking on English forces, and we love those guys. Bingo bango. Is this really a shock to anyone? We have spies in Canada for crying out loud. We have spies in every country on the planet. Every country on the planet has spies in America (well, maybe except for Mali or the Comoros or the Seychelles...you get my point).
  3. Oh and Dontrelle made his ML debut June 9th and for Tucker it's June 8th. Hopefully Tucker will make the same impact as Dontrelle did in 2003. Dontrelle did not make his ML debut on June 9th. I remember it clearly because I was still in school and I wasn't allowed to watch because it was the Padres and in May.
  4. I woke up off the floor like 10 minutes ago and came over to check out the latest standings and was treated to this!
  5. Woo House is back next Monday!
  6. Why do people care so much about Sports radio? Seriously, who cares what one guy has to say? Which is why the LeBetard show is awesome. They know no one should care about what they say and they do it well! Its just sports, bro, get over it! There are far more important things in life to worry about than whether a sports radio guy on SUNDAY NIGHT no less knows the difference between clutch and OPS.
  7. I hate the Dolphins. Seriously, yesterday, Jim Mandich said "freaking Marlins." You can tell he's already semi-jealous at our 6-3 start b/c his precious Dolphins suck. As for the Panthers (a team I love like the Marlins)...this organization is disfunctional. No consistency. Who knows what will happen? This is such a huge offseason. No consistency. Have you been paying attention to what Allen Cohen has been doing? We've got all the top players signed long term, unlike another South Florida franchise. I meant no consistency in management. Like we've had so many coaches over the last decade. I agree though...Weiss and Horton are locked up. Vokoun is here for another 3 years. Booth is here. Hopefully we re-sign Olesz this summer, and most importantly, we re-sign Bouwmeester, long term. ...then add a scorer in free agency. Get rid of Stumpel, Peltonen, and Van Ryn too. Van Ryn is not the issue. In fact, when healthy, I want him on the ice a lot. He is a smart player and by all indications he is healthy again. Oh, and bring me Joe Nieuwendyk for coach.
  8. lol at this thread. Anyone who doesn't have Pujols number one on their list is a certifiable nutcase. Pujols is one of, if not, the best hitters in the game. His defense is top notch wherever he plays. He has great baserunning instincts. And yes, his tears can cure cancer like Chuck Norris. Ok, I exaggerated a little there but you get the point. After Pujols, I take Hanley. No doubt about that. Wright really has started to impress me as well. I used to think he was overrated big time but there is a lot of good things going on with his game. I'd take him before I'd take Jose Reyes.
  9. HOF...easily. Oh and the Panthers Ice Dancers are a waste of space. Great way to continue making my beloved team and sport look like a f***ing joke for the rest of the hockey world!
  10. Oh yeah? Well one time I asked Randall Simon for his bat and... eh nevermind, too obvious. I asked Randall Simon for his bat once also, and he said "yes"... I used it in a game the next day and struck out 4 times swinging at changeups in the dirt. That had never happened to me before. Magic bat. But I bet you could hit a fastball! :mischief
  11. Scary. I really liked Rocco as a player and I hope he can find some answers to this. I have personal experience with an issue like that hitting close to home. My aunt has a rare disorder that is not life threatening to my knowledge but is really debilitating. Thankfully, its been contained but its something she'll have to live with for the rest of her life I think.
  12. I wouldnt go that far, they are still a good team, but last year was their peak, they have no place to go but down. Sarcasm detector=0? :confused
  13. Things are Looking Up... Not so much for the Panthers but for the blog. Head on over to the New York Times Slapshot Blog to see our contribution to their hockey blog! Slapshot Blog :mischief
  14. awesome, congrats man! :thumbup Can't all be Hurricanes I guess... :hat I figured I wouldn't go to UF and suffer my dad's insults...and I figured I wouldn't go to FSU and suffer my cousin's insults... So I picked a nice middleground so I could keep rootin' for the Canes! :mischief
  15. Congrats, hippie. :hat No, not really. I actually despise hippies. :o
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