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Kerry to recieve post-debate boost?


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Although each side professed to be pleased with its candidate's performance Thursday night, the mood among opposing party strategists was telling.



Democrats were jubilant after several weeks during which they despaired over Kerry and a campaign many viewed as directionless and usually on the defensive. Kerry sunk in opinion polls over that time, and surveys found his negative image climbing sharply, even as doubts about Bush's performance persisted.



"There's a total sea change among Democrats today," said communications strategist Jon Haber. "Euphoria is the right word."



Republicans, by contrast, were subdued in their reaction to Bush's performance.



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"There's a total sea change among Democrats today,"



Unfortunately, I don't think should be too worried about getting the Democratic vote.


Maybe no problem in getting the actual vote, but if people are sour on the campaign they wont even come out to vote. Thats the point of the article.

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