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No Mercy


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No Mercy Thoughts:


Eddy v.s Luther was okay for what I saw (missed the first part of the match). I like how they keep coming up with new ways for Eddy to "lie, cheat and steal". And he plays the character so well too....Spike v.s Nunzio was pretty good, but I liked their exchanges on Smackdown last week better. The fans have gotten no real reason to cheer Nunzio, other than the fact that he's NOT Spike. Good near-falls in this match....


Kidman/London had some good psychology, and was a good match to boot. I would've been nervous if I was London taking Kidman's first SSP since the Chavo incident. And it didn't look too good, either. At first I thought the blood was coming from his nose (again), but then they said it was "internal" so he musta bit the "blood" capsule....Tag match gets four stars just for Kenzo singing....Angle/Show was pretty decent, too....


Surprised at the Cena win on one hand, but on the other hand, he's still hugely over....The six man- er, person match was fun, which is about all you could ask for that....The main event was kind of agonizingly slow. It would be spot, slow crawl for 5 minutes, then another spot....Not a horrible PPV, especially considering where the Smackdown brand was a few months ago.

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