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RAW 10/4


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RAW Thoughts:


The opening promo seemed to exclusively be designed to get fans actually interested in voting. I mean, Trips was leading everyone right along in that interview.....The Michaels/Christian match was crisp, and Michaels looked like he had a lot of energy, including during his "out of body experience", as JR put it....Lita interview was odd- she's blaming Snitsky too? What about the fact that Kane is EVIL?....Thankfully, Gene didn't get much mic time. At least the carriage wasn't full of Sean Stasiak pictures....


Benoit v.s Batista wasn't really interesting, sadly....Ya know, as much as I hated the prospect of WWE signing Carmella even though she didn't win the competition, I DID like her segment with Eugene. "I wanna see her boobies!"- Eugene has played his character perfectly....I think they could've done without the tag match and given more time to the Main event....I loved Stacy's phantom fall into the ropes, pushed by the hand of ? Why do they keep putting Stacy over Molly?....


Have lumberjack matches always allowed lumberjacks to beat on the match participants? I seem to remember the lumberjacks trying to get their licks in behind the refs back. Or has it always been allowed? The match itself was just a backdrop for the mid-and post-match stuff. Interesting choice having Rhyno knock Jericho out.

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