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Republicans who are mad at Bush


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Republicans Endorsing John Kerry


Charley Reese, conservative columnist/journalist, Orlando Sentinel (1971-2001) -- May 17

Lee Iacocca, former Chrysler Chairman -- June 25

Russell E. Train, (interview) EPA chief under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford -- Jul. '04

Various Republican Business Leaders -- Aug. 5

Gail Slocum, former Republican Mayor of Menlo Park, California -- Sept. '04

Clay Myers, Republican Secretary of State (1967-77) and State Treasurer (1977-84) for Oregon -- Sept. 1

Bill Rutherford, former Treasurer of Oregon and Chair of the Oregon Investment Council -- Sept. 1

George Comstock, Mayor of Portola Valley, California -- Sept. 1

Mike Cobb, former Republican Mayor of Palo Alto, California -- Sept. 8

Pete McCloskey (editorial here), former Republican Representative from California -- Sept. 8

John Eisenhower, son of former Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower -- Sept. 9

Steve May, former Republican state legislator from Arizona -- Sept. 10

Jon Silver, former Republican Mayor of Portola Valley, California -- Sept. 24

John A. Galbraith, former Republican Ohio General Assemblyman -- Sept. 28

David Catania, Republican (now Independent) Councilman from Washington, D.C. -- Sept. 29

Clyde Prestowitz, counselor to Ronald Reagan's Secretary of Commerce -- Oct. 6

Rick Russman, former Republican State Senator from New Hampshire -- Oct. 7

Marshall Wittmann, former communications director to Arizona Republican Senator John McCain -- Oct. 7

Richard Schmalensee, former Council of Economic Advisers member for President George H. W. Bush -- Oct. 12

Elmer L. Andersen, former Republican Governor of Minnesota (1961-63) -- Oct. 13

Ballard Morton, son of Thurston Morton, former Republican Senator from Kentucky -- Oct. 14

Anne Morton Kimberly, widow of Roger C.B. Morton, former Republican Representative from Maryland -- Oct. 14

William Milliken, former Republican Governor of Michigan (1969-82) -- Oct. 18

Marlow Cook, former Republican Senator from Kentucky (1968-74) -- Oct. 20

Peter Gillette, former Republican Commissioner of Trade for Minnesota (1991-95) -- Oct. 20



Republicans Who Will Not Vote For George W. Bush

Bob Barr, former Republican Representative from Georgia (1995-2003) -- Oct. 14

Robert L. Black, retired Republican judge of the Ohio First District Court of Appeals -- Oct. 13

John H. Buchanan, former Republican Congressman from Alabama -- Oct. 4

Lincoln Chafee, Republican Senator from Rhode Island -- Oct. 4

John Dean, former White House Counsel to former Republican President Nixon -- Apr. '04

Paul Findley, former Republican Representative from Illinois -- Apr. '04

A. Linwood Holton former Republican Governor of Virginia (1970-74) -- Aug. 29

Log Cabin Republicans -- Sept. 8

Paul O'Neill, former Treasury Secretary to Republican President George W. Bush -- Jan. '04

Richie Robb, mayor of South Charleston, WV (and 2004 Electoral College WV Republican elector) -- Sep. '04

William Saletan, "liberal Republican" columnist for Slate -- Sept. 1

Karl W. B. Schwarz, very conservative Republican from Arkansas (scroll down or search "Karl") -- Oct. 20

Andrew Sullivan, conservative columnist, former editor of The New Republic -- Jul. 25




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In a country of 280M that's all they can come up with? Damn, I bet McGovern had more republicans that that :lol


Actually Id say the number is around 14 million. But since it was obvious the list was of notable Republicans and not all Republicans, I assumed people would have understood that. But I was mistaken.

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