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  1. Damn I miss these threads. Lets Go Fish! Huge series!
  2. Go Dime :thumbsup ONLY the MB old timers will get this, and most of them probably forgot it too. Ah yes...I remember. A true #tbt
  3. Haven't said this in awhile (or ever) but...I like our bullpen. A.J. Ramos is worth his weight in gold. Just nasty. Nice to see Yelich start to get it going, too. And that Jose guy is good I guess.
  4. Thinking about making the drive up to Jupiter on Friday to see the Fish vs. the Cards. However, I'd really like to get some extra baseball in as long as I'm up there. My question is; Is there any place to find out what, if anything, is going to be happening on the backfields on Friday (or any other day)? Minor league workouts? Anything? Will it be open to the public? Unusual question, I know, but I figured someone may know. I appreciate it!
  5. Best offseason acquisition? Drone or Helmet Cam? Offense is so last year. We've got drones, bro.
  6. B.A., Political Science University of Miami J.D., University of Miami...which is why I haven't been around much. If you're considering law school, don't do it. It will take your soul and your life. I miss you all... help srsly screw it, I'm staying here with you guys. Go Fish.
  7. Personally I think our top 5 are: 1. Dylan 2. Dylan 3. Dylan 4. Dylan 5. Dylan /obscure Chappelle's Show reference.
  8. I'll stick around. Hanleylicious? ...what was I thinking?
  9. ahh, I love the timelessness of this site
  10. C.J. Wilson does not warrant an all-nighter
  11. Petition for Squall to be banned
  12. ugh, please pass on CJ Wilson. Buerhle plz. And...there are an awful lot of seats up on that press conference stage....
  13. lol Reyes/Buerhle/Bell would be a hell of an offseason for this team
  14. I still remember the Vladimir Guerrero thread like it was yesterday
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