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Cards problem?


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we know that the Edmonds - Rolen slump will not go on forever ... but the problem the cards had while in fenway was the fact that they did not have a good caliber player that could take over the DH and actually produce


let's see


Tagushi ? ... ill pass

Cedeno? ... why are you still in the majors?

Mabry ? ... better as a marlin ... not!



even as a defensive replacement ... the talent pool does not match the Red Sox power with a DH and their bench overall

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I have no clue why they didn't let Mabry DH. This is the guy that took the bulk of the duties at 3rd base when Rolen was out towards the end of the season and he produced... He hit .296 with 13 homeruns and 40 RBI's... Those are good numbers for a reserve.


I won't complain though. Rooting for the Red Sox, I was pleased to see Taguchi in left with Reggie Sanders DH'ing for Game 1 and Marlon Anderson DH'ing for Game 2.

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Now without the DH it gets interesting on Boston's side.



Yeah, if the Cards split in Fenway I thought it was going to go far with the Cards taking it in 7. The Sox have a better 1 - 9 lineup and the Cards might have a better 1 - 8 lineup


The Sox needed to take advantage of that fact in Fenway and they did, the Cards need to play to their strengths in the remaining games on their turf


They need to take atleast 2 of 3 if Schilling isn't coming back, and if Schilling will be back they probably need a sweep at home


But hope is not lost...


So long as the curse lives so will the Cards



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