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Changes coming to MLB parks.

Guest Moneyball

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Guest Moneyball

First voters will vote tomorrow to allow the Royals and Chiefs to make changes to their parks.


here are some pics on possible changes to Kauffman:












kauffman is probably one of my top 5 favorite parks in baseball.



-Red Sox got the ok to expand Fenway by 1000 seats.

-SkyDome to install FieldTurf and a new scoreboard, other changes are being debated by architects. Also being considered painting the seats green.


Changes to Dodger Stadium:


Each dugout will be pushed forward so that it is aligned with the front of the Dugout Club. Howard Sunken, the Dodgers' senior vice president for public affairs, said the new dugouts will be deeper from front to back and "modernized." That essentially means the waist-high wall of safety netting so common in other parks will be installed in front of each one. And a few more rows of Dugout Club seats will go into the space between the dugouts and what now is the front row of the field-level (yellow) seats.


More yellow seats will be added to the outfield side of each dugout, again aligning with the front of the dugouts to create a smooth, continuous line. But that line will taper back subtly so it doesn't cross into fair territory, meaning the outfield dimensions won't change.


The red, rubberized warning track ringing the entire field will be replaced by a more traditional dirt track.


The Dodgers already have secured approval for the changes from the city planning commission, approval that was made easier by the fact that stadium seating capacity will remain fixed at 56,000 despite the installation of somewhere between 1,400 and 1,600 new seats. Those will be off-set, Sunken said, by "decommissioning" seats in two areas of the ballpark.


One is the two lower inside corners of the pavilions, which already are unsold and covered by black tarp to create the "batter's eye," but still are included in the 56,000-seat count. The other is a chunk of roughly five sections at each of the far ends of the upper reserved seats, that are part of the blue seats above the horizontal aisle. Those seats also will be covered with tarp.

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