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EA Sports signs exclusive deal with ESPN


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EA just signed a deal with ESPN and all ESPN video games will now be made by EA Sports as opposed to Sega. The gist of all this is that all EA Sports games will remain pretty much the same, except the games will have ESPN overlays, ESPN graphics, ESPN commentators, ESPN presentation, etc. but the game play itself will still be good ole EA. This will effect the entire line of sports games made by EA and ESPN. The only exception will be the Madden series which will have a Monday Night Football theme.


EA gets exclusive rights to the NFL, ESPN gets exclusive rights to MLB... the only logical thing was for both companies to join forces and it's great that they both came to their senses before the situation got even more out of control.


This is huge... http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/01/17/news_6116473.html

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Actually you're mistaken, ESPN didn't get the rights to the MLB. Take-Two Interactive got the rights to the MLB and they will make MLB games without the ESPN name attached to it. The only people who will be allowed to make MLB games other than Take Two Interactive will be first party companies, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. So EA is basically screwed out of making MLB games unless they make a game without the actual players names.

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