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Royal Rumble


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Overall, a Good PPV....The Michaels/Edge match was good, but it never got to that next level to make it "excellent"....Like most have said, the backstage interaction between the wrestlers was great. It's always better at the inter-brand PPV's....'Taker/Heidenreich was not great, but it wasn't a complete travesty either. That's what low expectations will do for you. Heidenreich gently pushing the casket up the aisle, then checking inside it was classic....


The Smackdown Title Match was good, and it's getting tougher and tougher for me to hate JBL....I thought the RAW Title match was good, certainly not as terrible as some people seem to think (because of Orton?). The concussion leaves open the possibility of Orton changing his persona, which he would need to become a full-fledged face. Or he could turn back heel....


The Rumble match had some memorable parts (Hassan v.s Everyone, Benoit v.s Eddy, Puder gets murderized, London's sick bump, Michaels/Angle), but I didn't think the emphasis was properly put on Benoit (and others) lasting as long as they did. And I hated the ending- the double-winner is so played. Thankfully, Vince came out to change that. Oh, and I thought Batista hit first.

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Do you think there's any chance of Batista challenging JBL instead of Triple H?


I thought Triple H might assume Batista will go to Smackdown to challenge JBL so they can get both belts in Evolution, until Batista says, "No, no- I want YOUR title."


I think it'll be JBL v.s Cena at WM for the WWE Title.

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What was the best match of the night besides the Royal Rumble contest itself?


JBL needs to lose his title. I guess Big Show will lose to JBL at NWO.


Tough to say. I thought the Edge/Shawn, or Orton/Triple H match was the best.


And, sorry to tell you, but JBL is a favorite of Vince's, so he'll probably go into WM with the title.

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