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In may I am going to China and Thailand for 2 weeks. I still have 2 weeks to fill. These are my choices. Either go to Singapore, Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur or Dubai, Cairo and Jerusalem or some combination of the two that keeps me going in the right direction. Anyone been to or heard things about the places mentioned?

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I've only been to Jersualem, and there's obviously plenty to see and do there. Town ain't exactly rocking at night, but Tel Aviv's less than 2 hours away I think.


Anyway...my advice: I'd be wary about scheduling a trip to Jerusalem. If you were only going there, that'd be one thing...you could just cancel the whole shebang. But since it's a hop-off point as part of a longer trip, I'd be pretty careful about it. If s*** goes down in Jersulam, and its no longer safe to visit, you might get stuck somewhere, and have to change up all your travel plans. It'll be expensive, and you'll be wasting a lot of time. I know things are relatively quiet right now, but 4 months down the road...who's to say? So, I'd avoid it.

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I've been to all the Middle Eastern ones, and they're all pretty nice, I guess.


Cairo is fun and interesting, but it's really, really dirty. If you go, DON'T bring any white clothes because they will be BLACK within a few hours. The city itself is fun, and it's foreigner-friendly, from my experience. Egypt has lots of great sights to see, and every single one of them is worth it. I have gorgeous pics of the pyramids, etc.. There's also some pretty good shopping in Cairo, but I don't know if you'd be into that.


Dubai is gorgeous, and it's very western. It's expensive (to live there for sure), but the beach is nice. There are tons of Americans and Brits there, and the people are friendly and helpful. Lots of great shopping (but more expensive than Cairo), and Dubai has a great jewelry market. You can get a lot of beautiful gold for considerably cheaper than anywhere in the US or Europe.


Jerusalem is good, I guess, but I wouldn't really suggest going there unless you have some real drive to, like for religious reasons. I mean, I never really felt unsafe, but I just don't think it's worth the hassle unless you have some strong conviction to visit there.


Out of those that I've been to, choose whatever you're looking for. Egypt has great resorts and scenery, Dubai has beautiful beaches, and Jerusalem has sacred connections. It all depends on what you're wanting to do.

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