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Crazy Tattoo Man Gets Crazy In Prison


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When local tattoo artist Andy Sakai was sentenced to five years in prison for inking profanities on hordes of hapless customers, many thought his days of body desecration were over.


They were wrong.


Sakai?s latest victims are no longer college students. His current targets are, ironically, his fellow inmates.


Using a tattoo gun fashioned out of a sharpened paper clip, dental floss, and a ballpoint pen taped to a plastic spork, the disgruntled prisoner has drawn Black Panther Party symbols on white supremacists, written CRIPS 4 EVA on rival gang members, and left dozens of hardened criminals with butterflies, fairies, and unicorns permanently etched in their skin.


?I wanted a stack of skulls on my back,? said murderer Jimmy Drake, ?and that Asian prick gave me a giant Winnie the Pooh!?


Many prisoners ask for spider webs on their elbows to signify time spent in jail. Sakai?s webs have hidden messages in them such as, ?f*** Cops,? ?I Swallow,? and ?Salad Tosser.? Sakai got the idea for the cryptic tats after reading Charlotte?s Web in the prison library. ?That E.B. White?s a genius, man,? Sakai proclaimed.


For his own protection, Sakai has been moved to solitary confinement where he?ll serve the rest of his sentence.


?Prison isn?t so bad,? Sakai said. ?It gives me time to sit and seriously contemplate my next diabolically evil plan!?



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