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A very unlucky dude


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Weird, and kinda funny that he keeps surviving the hits. FL loses a golfer or two a year on first hits.




A Cuban man has just been struck by lightning for the fifth time in 22 years.


Jorge Marquez says he is cursed and that lightning follows him, reports Terra Noticias Populares.


Mr Marquez, who works as a farm worker in San Manuel, was first struck in June 1982.


He told: "I feel like something very cold enters my body or as if I'm a hot iron being immersed in cold water."


He said that in the first time he was struck he had his hair burnt and his fillings all flew out from his teeth.


But the most recent time he managed to minimise the damage by grabbing a piece of rubber to protect him as soon as it started to rain.


He said: "I don't trust my luck anymore. As soon as it starts to rain I look for some isolating material. I don't want to go through it a sixth time!"

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