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I see your pattern, Mr. Scary Man


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M. Night Shyamalan may keep his viewers in the dark about the outcome of his movies, but one thing he can't hide is his affinity for using the same actors in successive roles.




The Sixth Sense starred Haley Joel Osmont (or whatever it is) and Bruce Willis

Unbreakable starred Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson

Signs starred Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix

The Village starred Joaquin Phoenix and Bryce Dallas Howard

The Lady in the Water will star Bryce Dallas Howard


Pretty much, other than the transition from Unbreakable to Signs, he has made a pretty obvious pattern with the actors. I just felt like posting this, because I had my suspicions after 'The Village', and now that the red-head daughter of Ron Howard is in the next movie, I'm officially convinced.


Here's a link to some info on the newest movie, "The Lady in the Water"



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