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  1. Eh...wasn't aware of that until now.
  2. So...Buehrle is 30 years old with 132 wins under his belt. He's averaged 15 wins a year in his first 9 seasons. He has 168 to go to get to 300. Obviously, the 300 mark is extremely tough to reach, especially in this day and age. It takes some luck and extreme consistency to reach. But Buehrle has never really been mentioned in the same class as some of the others when it comes to the 300 win conversation (or at least I haven't heard his name). EDIT...I don't think he'll reach it, I don't know if anyone ever will. But I think he's been under the radar in his career. The highest he's ever finished for the Cy Young is 5th. If he stays healthy he have quite a few career wins when it's all said and done.
  3. The catch by Wise was one of the best "plays" I've ever seen. Sure there are catches at the wall all the time...but that was straight robbery at a time when a pitcher was going for a historic achievement. It was one of those plays where you just can't help but jump out of your chair and say "wow!" On that note, Hawk Harrelson still somehow found a way to make my ears bleed in the ninth inning.
  4. I'll chime in: All 3 seasons of The Office on DVD Superbad DVD - I've never actually seen it...but I hear it's good. Call of Duty 4 for the 360 Tie rack for the closet (badass) A couple shirts and some ties for work Gift cards and money And of course, underwear and socks I did pretty well this year.
  5. Good trade for both sides. Rays get an upgrade in three areas where it was desperately needed. Twins get another (potentially) great bat to put alongside Morneau and Mauer.
  6. West Virginia Arizona State Oregon State USC Hawaii Central Michigan Tulsa LSU Virginia Tech Missouri
  7. West Virginia Auburn Oklahoma Virginia Tech Florida Clemson Tennessee Hawaii Georgia Kansas
  8. Tennessee Georgia Clemson West Virginia Oklahoma Wake Forest South Florida Indiana Michigan State Game Of The Week: Ohio State
  9. Ohio State Clemson Michigan Arkansas Cincinnati North Carolina Virginia Tech South Carolina California Game Of The Week: Georgia
  10. West Virginia Connecticut Florida Tennessee Arizona State Ohio State Texas Clemson Kansas Oregon
  11. Missouri California Maryland Florida State Alabama Kansas Ohio State Illinois LSU Game Of The Week: Florida
  12. Alabama Florida Wisconsin Rutgers Illinois Texas Clemson USC West Virginia Game Of The Week: Cal
  13. Mark

    NFL Week 3

    Right now I have Welker going...Fitz hasn't been able to do much in the two games, and I'd hate to see his production vs. the Ravens secondary...am I thinking too much about it?
  14. Mark

    NFL Week 3

    Urgent fantasy football question... Welker v. Buff, Chambers v. NYJ or Fitzgerald v. Balt? HELP!
  15. This is going to be a fun SEC weekend. Georgia-Bama, South Carolina-LSU and Arkansas-Kentucky. Can't wait.
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