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RAW 4/18


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Good opening brawl- wished it would've gone longer, but I'm sure the JR/Triple H segment needs 20 minutes....Ah, got to LOVE the MSG crowd....Viscera? Come on, that's the best they could do?....Kane never felt pain that bad? Didn't he get burned alive?...."The Heartthrobs" and their attire screams WCW circa 2000....


Not the type of crowd to debut a tag team, much less a very plain one- and was it just me, or did Tajiri totally miss a spinwheel kick on one of the jabronies in the corner?....Michaels and Hogan was pretty exciting, but not as exciting as Michaels and Jannetty. The match with Hassan seemed pretty disjointed and just lacked something....


I don't know what's worse- A Chris Master match or a Masters segment trying to get over Warlord's finisher...In the midst of the Dean/Benjamin match, we had a fire drill that brought 4 fire trucks to our building. Came back to JR coming out to the ring....Coach was priceless doing this match....Does Trips REALLY need to get this kind of cheap heat? This ran on WAY too long....

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